Instant Access to the Spoken Word
Reporting the difficult—and unusual.

From courtrooms to conference rooms all around the country, Chicago-area Realtime & Court Reporting (CaRR) defines a standard of court reporting that transforms spoken words into tangible commodities.


Since 1973, Chicago-area Realtime & Court Reporting has supported the Northern Illinois legal community and beyond. Driven by a four-generation court reporting legacy, the company is grounded in a national referral network that delivers the best court reporters to your side—wherever, whenever, for whatever you need.


Few other companies can claim distinguished champion and medalist titles at national and state court reporting competitions. Known for their speed and accuracy, professional affiliations, and long-time presence, CaRR reporters are credentialed, invested, and involved. Whether documenting days of grueling testimony or assisting you in connecting to realtime capabilities, CaRR helps you do your job more productively and efficiently.

Of 35,000 court reporters nationwide, fewer than 30 qualify for and compete in the National Court Reporters Association annual Speed and Realtime Contests.


Chicago-area Realtime & Court Reporting has evolved with the industry—and technology—to deliver timely, accurate transcript turnaround. In size, the company claims its niche between large, multilayered organizations and home-based, freelance court reporters. A full, on-site team of coordinators, schedulers, and production experts delivers the services you need fast, with a professional, human approach.

Have tripod, will travel: Chicago-area Realtime & Court Reporting was among the first to use computer-aided transcription in the early 1980s.

Independently owned and operated by a working, woman realtime reporter, Chicago-area Realtime & Court Reporting embraces a vision of excellence and ethics. Throughout Chicago and surrounding counties, the company pushes the envelope on technology and progress, offering error-free realtime records—and longtime relationships—that support your litigation needs.

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Ethics First Firm

Ethics First

Objective, Impartial Reporting

The Ethics First program acknowledges—industry-wide—the importance of impartiality and integrity in the court reporting profession. Organizations bearing this logo uphold the highest ethical reporting standards, lending to their credibility as officers of the court.

Chicago-area Realtime & Court Reporting considers itself an extension of the legal process, providing objective, unbiased documentation in all its forms. This “Ethics First” designation signifies CaRR’s strict code of ethics:

For more about the Ethics First Program, established by the NCRA, click here.